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We are a space of acceptance. A welcoming place where children with special needs or disABILITIES, their friends and families, can come together, share resources, stories, honesty, tears, laughter, and where all members of the family can take part in inclusive arts programming, dance, music, movement of all shapes and sizes, and everything under the sun art. It's a place to play, play openly and without judgement. Extreme Kids & Crew is A SPACE TO BE. 

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"My hands on Happy’s foot and Felix’s chest, Felix’s hand on Bashir’s head, Bashir’s hand reaching for his mother’s, which is curled around his knee.

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Birthday Parties at Extreme Kids

As one of the privileges of membership you can have your birthday party at Extreme Kids & Crew! Celebrate your special day in a familiar and fun place where kids feel happy and safe.

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The 10-week arts programming courses provide an environment where children with disabilities, their friends, and their families, come together, socialize, connect, and create in a supportive environment. Members receive a 15% discount. NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS!

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