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Drop-in for a music class: our new policy for attending music class means that you can drop-in for a single class or choose to come every week. Keep an eye out in our monthly newsletter for links to save your spot each month.

*Registration for a class secures admittance for the whole family; siblings are always welcome! A caregiver must accompany the child and participate in the fun.

*It costs Extreme Kids $850 per session to to offer this class for free to our community. Please consider making a donation when you register to support our free programs.



FREE ($25 class donation encouraged)
We’ll be back in the fall!
Red Hook Space

MusicWorks is an interactive and dynamic music experience. This class helps participants build confidence, make friends, and experience the joy of music in an accepting and supportive environment. Even caregivers will appreciate the classic pop and folk songs played during the class.


  • Interactive musical concert

  • Group singalong

  • Music suited to: Pre-K, elementary and parents too

  • Ideal for a relaxed experience


Music in Motion

FREE ($25 class donation encouraged)
We’ll be back in the fall!

Ridgewood Space

Music in Motion is a fun and exciting music class in partnership with Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. We'll bring the principles of music therapy into a sing-along style class. Families explore dynamics (slow/fast, loud/soft), develop their sense of rhythm, and sing their hearts out to songs they know and love.


  • Children explore a variety of percussive and tonal instruments

  • Group singalong and dancing

  • Emphasis on self expression through music

  • Ideal for kids who can use support connecting with others

Girls Crew

FREE, twice-per-month for two age groups.

Girls Crew meets monthly for fun and exciting activities to encourage friendship building between girls and their families. Our monthly programs bring our girls together for various private and community activities that enable them to bond and for their parents to connect. Girls Crew creates a unique network of support for families involved.

These events are always free. Please consider making a donation to make sure our programs can be available for years to come.

Age range: 10-18
Saturdays, 10:00am-12:00pm at Ridgewood Space

Upcoming event: FALL 2019

Age range: 5-12
Sundays, 10:00am-12:00pm at Red Hook Space

Upcoming event: FALL 2019


Teens Crew

FREE, once-a-month for children ages 11-18.

Teens Crew meets seasonally for activities around the community and time to build friendships together. Participants hang out in the sensory gym, create art projects and play. Pizza will be provided; please let us know if you have food allergies.

6:00-8:00pm at Ridgewood Space

Upcoming event: FALL 2019