Autism Awareness

WFUV is a National Public Radio affiliate station based in New York City. WFUV features a quarterly Public Service Campaign called “Strike a Chord.” Their goal is to spotlight issues important to communities throughout the Tri-State area, from the environment, to health care, to veterans affairs. Their focus this season is "autism awareness." By focusing on a specific issue each quarter, WFUV hopes to make a big difference in raising awareness about important matters, getting people more involved in their communities and simply letting people know help is out there. 

:05 My name is Leigh Reid and I'm the director of development and communications at Extreme Kids & Crew.

:11 At Extreme Kids and Crew we cultivate welcoming, accessible spaces where kids with disabilities and their crew create a supportive community through the arts, play and conversation.

:24 At an average playground there can be a lot of bigotry and fear about disability. When you provide a space that is not just open to having differences, but encourages people to be who they are when they come in, that makes a happier child, and that happier child will become a happier adult and more well-adjusted.

AuthorLeigh Reid