Dear Neighbors & Friends,

At Extreme Kids & Crew we have had a hard time concentrating lately. We find ourselves heartbroken at the news of families being torn apart at our borders. The images of crying children locked in cages was nearly too much to take in. It feels like our country is treading into new, horrific territory, but we know that is not true. We have been here before. Civil rights and freedom have been denied to centuries of people who have lived and still live in this country, and we have not learned from our collective past transgressions, and we are far from healing. It sickens us to watch our country make the same mistakes again.

We are incredibly sad, exhausted, amazed (although not shocked), and very angry, but we are not giving up. We will not close our doors nor turn anyone away. Extreme Kids remains a safe space for families and individuals living within the wide spectrum of disability. Our spaces are here and open for you. We will find information and assistance for you should you need it. We will continue to welcome you, celebrate you, encourage you, and learn from and with you. We will listen to you. We may be downhearted, but we will not give in. We hope you will not either. I continue to believe that together, whether in a ball pit or out in the streets, we can make a difference.

With love and compassion,
Caitlin Cassaro, Executive Director and The Crew

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