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Monthly Art & Special Events


Monthly arts workshops, Extreme Teens, and other citywide events happen regularly throughout the year. These free events were conceived so that children with disabilities, their parents and siblings, can reap the rewards of live music and varying arts in a low key and understanding atmosphere.

Fall Programming Events & Dates .pdf

Extreme Teens night, June 2017.

Extreme Teens night, June 2017.

Joshua and Jessica soften clay, October 2016.

Joshua and Jessica soften clay, October 2016.

"Vision Boarding" with Jamila Raegan, March 2014.

"Vision Boarding" with Jamila Raegan, March 2014.

Upcoming Events

October 1


Puppetry with Diana - Participants will have the opportunity to make their own puppets as well as performing for their friends at one of our puppet theaters setup throughout the sensory gym.

Location: Red Hook Space  |   Questions? Contact:



October 7


Costume Making with Diana - Come out and get a head start on Halloween accessories. We will be making capes and crowns, but materials will be available to put together whatever your heart desires. And, of course, once we are decked out in our our costumes, we will play!

Location: Ridgewood Space   |   Questions? Contact:


October 12


Join us for an evening presented by The SMILE Center, to celebrate Strange Beauty, a memoir by our friend and Extreme Kids founder, Eliza Factor. Factor's joyful, intense and unique memoir tells the story of a family transformed by her son's multiple disabilities, and the transformation of self, family and community.

Now it's time to celebrate! Extreme Kids and The SMILE Center invite you to mingle and share in this momentous occasion.

Please RSVP to The SMILE Center at

Location: The SMILE Center 171 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016