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Move to the Beat! with Pat Hall and Pam Patrick

Move to the Beat! offered in partnership with BAM, is an interactive, fun workshop that explores the world of movement and music through traditional African and Caribbean dances and

rhythms. In a safe and nurturing learning environment, participants are drawn

into the magic of the drum and encouraged to explore their own unique voice and

freedom of expression. Each session begins with a warm-up that starts with simple breathing exercises that prepare the mind to process, the ears to listen and the body to move. Followed

by slow stretching movements, participants will gradually awaken each body part through isolation exercises. These body isolations will develop into creative dance movements. Props will further enhance the movement experience, and small

percussion will not only act as an extension of the limbs, but will help to bring a rhythmic awareness in the body and provide sensory and kinesthetic stimulation.

We invite you to embrace your inner dancer and have FUN, FUN, FUN, while you

Move to the Beat!

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February 11
Music & Art Saturday!