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Music Therapy

  • Brooklyn Conservancy of Music 58 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn, NY United States

Every Saturday until December 21.

Cost: $250.

Ages: 5 to 7 years.

Music Therapy at Extreme Kids & Crew, offered by the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (BCM) is for children with special needs. This program  offers students additional or new pathways for learning and communication, and for achieving developmental goals, while exploring musical expression and creativity under the guidance of a trained and credentialed music therapist.

For many children with special needs, music therapy provides a unique and powerful access for working on goals and skills.  Music therapy provides children with special needs a critical modality that accesses many different learning abilities and styles.  It also provides experiences that integrate learning in all areas of development.  Tailored to the specific individual or groups needs, the program's structured sessions involve varying techniques to address clinical goals, including musical improvisation, drumming, signing, song writing, conducting, learning about instruments, group listening, active music-making, sharing musical interests, audio and video recording, interviewing, or other musical activities in a safe, fun environment.

The types of disabilities addressed through this program include: autism spectrum disorders; Down Syndrome and cognitive delays; visual and sensory impairments; emotional and behavioral difficulties; social impairments; learning impairments; pervasive developmental disabilities; speech and language delays and disorders; physical disabilities; and anxiety and depression.  For more information about BCM's Music Therapy visit


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Music Therapy